As a Seismic Vendor you will improve your impact by using RockEye

  • The sales process

    • Take your seismic data to in encrypted format to your customers and show them both coverage, position and quality. Leave an electronic .pdf of same. All done by a laptop.
    • Archive all sold seismic to the customer in question and view covered area on a world map..
    • Impress customers with stunning views and high speed 3D presentations of seismic cubes as large as 750Gb.
  • The delivery process

    • RockBundle gives you as a Seismic Vendor not only the possibility to deliver a SEGY file to your customer, but also to export a ready made RockEye file including the Timeline and all the Projects and Presentation Ribbon for the Seismic Cube in question.
    • The end user can immediately visualize the Seismic Cube and investigate the whole Cube you delivered and cut out the area of interest and export it as a new and smaller file for detailed interpretation.
  • In addition you may

    • Make standard .pdf files of important views for distribution and collaboration
    • Export all views as RockShots for the end users to retrieve the view directly in the program

Key Features