Being a trial-user will not in any way commit you or your company to buy a commercial licence at a later stage.

It is easy. You just register your company and your user information and then you will be able to use RockEye without any restrictions. All the work you do as part of the trial will be available when and if you decide to subscribe for a commercial license.

Below you will find a link to a demo seismic cubes from the North Sea outside Norway. Feel free to download this cube for your own test of the advanced viewing capabilities of RockEye.

Sample Data

The Sample Data covers approx. 10km2 and the file size is 102Mb.

Well, there are some more considerations.

  • Your computer has to have at least 16Gb Ram

  • You need a graphic card with at least 1Gb Ram (preferable 2Gb)

  • Must be a Windows machine with at least Windows 7

  • 64 bit OS